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Current running projects: Mini-ITX MiniMig V2.0 and the GBA1000 board.

2009-08-25: The first real fly fishing trip done - three days in the surroundings of Malung/Dalarna.

2009-08-04: Back from a week at the Swedish island Gotland. Was there with my sister Veronica and her family.

2009-07-22: Vacation time and back from a week up in the north parts of Sweden.

The way up was done with the Inland Railway (Inlandsbanan), from Mora all the way up to Jokkmokk. Diesel powered trains runs through the most amazing landscape of Sweden.

The trip took me (for the first time in my life) above the Arctic Circle. I was in the land of the Midnight Sun...

The landscape was just breathtaking...

...and there were plenty of wonderful streams and rivers suitable for fly fishing.

My first ever try fishing with fly gear - tricky but not impossible. Time to get some hardware and start practicing...

Nothing beats a hot cup of coffe by the camp fire...

2009-05-20: The GBA1000 will have a power supply now. The PCB's did arrive and there are some parts ordering and testing to be done.

2009-04-20: Got my Zenit Photosniper today from eBay.co.uk, a rather strange piece of kit. It will be adapted to work with my K200D. More images of it in my photo gear section.

2009-04-17: The spring is here (even if it is still rather cold) as the Japanese Cherry trees in the City is blooming.

2009-04-09: Some updates to the Pentax section done (all Pentax made lenses in my collection are now added). And as a bonus, I can give You the Moon:

Shot with Pentax K200D, Sigma 135-400 (at 400 mm) + 2x teleconverter

2009-03-29: The Mini-ITX MiniMig 2.0 is officially completed now. The first complete blue board have been fully assembled and tested (including test with the Yaqube ARM-board).

2009-03-09: Finally, a successful boot-up of a blue MiniMig 2.0. There are some issues with the board that added delays to the project. The ISSI 10 ns SRAM I was testing seems to be causing problems, but I need to verify that. The board that worked uses 10 ns SRAM from Cypress, the same type as at the black prototype.

2009-02-24: Added my sisters flickr photos to the links. She shows that a small Canon IXUS80 could be used in a creative way too. Added a new page to the photography section too with gear descritions.

2009-02-19: Created a photostream at flickr.com. That was the easiest way to get a photo gallery going (and I don't have to loose expensive disk space for images). With the new camera and a load of old Pentax lenses laying around, there will some photo activities this spring and summer. Keep an eye on that flickr-page, I'll will upload any images that I find interesting/good/cool enough to show in public. In the near future, there will be more photo-related stuff at this page too - a section dedicated to my gear for example.

2009-02-14: Got the new camera out for some nice shooting of the winter landscape. The clouds broke up and gave me a nice afternoon with some (very) early spring sun.

This is The Old Tree in Krigslida, Tungelsta (Sweden). You could actually find its position on Google Earth... (59 6' 16.38" N 18 4' 29.22" E)

Me in full action. Picture taken by my sister (without my knowledge...).

2009-03-09: Finally did a successful boot-up of a blue MiniMig 2.0. There was some issues with that board. It seems like the ISSI 10ns SRAM I have does not work, but I need to double-verify that. The board that booted up uses Cypress 10 ns SRAM. These have been successfully used on the black prototype and the Mini MiniMig.

2009-02-12: Testing of the ARM firmware is in progress. I'm doing the beta for Yaqube. As a result, I was able to run 60 Hz VGA. Now, I can hook up the board to my 40" Samsung LCD. Also, I have uppgraded my photo equipment. The Konica-Minolta A2 have been replaced by a Pentax K200D with the 16-45/4.0 lens. I choose Pentax as I had several lenses already from the old "analog" time that I now can reuse.

2009-01-22: Got my Yaqube ARM board and put it into service - go ahead and enjoy the pic's (they are in the MiniMig 2.0 section). And the MiniMig is still in development - a 3.0 is in the plans...

2009-01-15: The new SD-card socket at the blue MiniMig 2.0 is verified working ok. Now I need some FPGAs to complete the boards...

2008-12-26: Great success: the first boot up of the Mini MiniMig. I also played some games on it too. Of course, there are new pictures in the Mini MiniMig section.

2008-12-21: Updated the pictures of the blue MiniMig PCB - had some clear weather today and took advantage of it...

2008-12-19: Got the blue boards today. They looks just fantastic - I may go for this in case more units are made.

2008-12-18: The first run with 10 ns SRAM on the MiniMig 2.0 was successfully done today. The classics "SilkWorm" was played for a few hours without problems...

2008-12-10: This was a sad day. My mother passed away after several years of fight against cancer. At least, she isn't in pain anymore... R.I.P.

2008-12-07: Updated the BOM-list and the Protel-files for the MiniMig 2.0 project. They are now up to date with the design status (part changes included in BOM now).

2008-11-26: Some Flash and the scandoubler memory are found for the GBA1000. Work in progress with the MiniMig 2.0 - a test board with 10ns SRAM is in the works.

2008-11-13: Clock battery issue for GBA1000 solved. Added a design for a break-out SD-card reader adapter for the MiniMig 2.0.

2008-11-07: Added a picture series to the GBA1000 page. Board is about 95% done and a PSU for it is in the plan.

2008-11-04: Did a major change at the MiniMig 2.0 PCB: the SSD-socket had to be replaced due to the model I was using has expired and can't be bought anymore. The Protel-files has been updated.

2008-10-30: Added BOM and Protel source files to the MiniMig 2.0 project page.

2008-10-26: The Mini-ITX MiniMig 2.0 is official now! A new project has been created for it with pictures and schematics.

2008-10-25: GBA1000 update: Board almost done, an Amiga 500 (broken) will support me with connectors. MiniMig 2.0 is fully operational now.

2008-10-20: GBA1000 update: The SRAM-section is completed. And the MiniMig 2.0 did wake up today for the first time...

2008-10-13: GBA1000 update: More assembly pictures... MiniMig 2.0 is ready for testing - pictures (and a new project section) will be created when the board is working.

2008-10-11: GBA1000 update: board assembly is started - page updated with pictures.

2008-10-06: Added the board pictures of the GBA1000 - go and have a look!

2008-10-02: Got my GBA100 board today! Just as amazing as I thought it would be...

2008-09-30: Did a update to the GBA1000 with some pictures. The board is coming soon so it is time to start planning.

2008-09-29: The first delivery of the Mini-ITX MiniMig rev. 2 boars was received. Now, there will be some testing...

2008-08-25: Added a new Tiny Project: a voltage inverter based on LMC7660 on a PCB that measures 10 x 18 mm. And a Mini-ITX MiniMig version 2.0 is in progress...

2008-07-31: Updated the USB->LCD converter section with assembly instructions (for those who has bought the PCB or a kit).

2008-07-21: New section: code examples for AVR. First out is a C-piece for a VFD (CU40026SCPB-S 2.0).

2008-07-13: Added a few more pics of the Mini-MiniMig. Due to vacation times, things aren't going that fast as it should.

2008-07-08: Got a nice delivery today: Five Mini-MiniMig boards. Power has been verified OK and I hope the rest are too...

2008-07-04: Added a new project: The GBA1000 Build. This is the way to the new Amiga 1000...

2008-06-20: Swedish Midsummer celebration. And when that was done, a new tiny project: a coverter to hook up a LCD to the USB.

2008-06-19: Finally, I got the Mini MiniMig to the PCB manufacturer. A prototype run of five boards will be made.

A small random project was also done: The Palm LifeDrive I have was upgraded with a "SSD" instead of the IBM Microdrive. A SanDisk Extreme IV 4 GB got installed after a disk image from the original Microdrive was copied to it. See more here...

2008-06-15: The Mini MiniMig PCB has been redesigned to hold a DIP PIC18F instead of the SMD version. This makes it easier to fix a failed bootloader...

2008-06-04: Got the DAC running 100% - schematics is now available for everyone interested.

2008-05-26: Finally, a new and exciting project: The High-end PCM63P Stereo Audio DAC!

2008-02-24: More power stuff added: a useful 5 A AC/DC linear regulator board.

2008-02-10: Added a small project: an USB-hub with more power output than usual...

2008-02-08: A new project has been added to the list: The simple but useful Universal Power.

2008-01-04: The Minimig-story is ongoing: Time to put it on a diet and make it portable. The Mini is a step on the way...

2007-12-19: The first series of the ATmega add-on board have been built. Testing still remains...

2007-11-27: The ATmega128-board has been verified to work with ATmega2561.

2007-11-16: Added some more old projects to the page (there are more space now).

2007-11-07: The domain www.illuwatar.se is active now.

2007-10-23: This homepage has been moved to a larger and faster place, hosted by Scorpiondata.

2007-10-14: Mini-ITX Minimig is finally up and running - the proof are in the pictures. Go, have a look!