"BauHaus Lap-Steel" - What You can do with easy-to-obtain material

This project was something I did while I was waiting for the paint to dry during the Tele-build. The idea is simple: a lap-steel guitar built out of material found at the hardware store BauHaus. The dedicated guitar parts (bridge, pickup and tuners) was bought from GuitarFetish.com as they have good prices and decent quality of their products. The base of the lap-steel is a oak-board, sold as a standard piece. To make it stronger (to avoid it to bend when the strings are attached), I used aluminium profiles at the edge - also a standard product at that store. The fingerboard is made out of mahognay (the only wooden part not bought at BauHaus) and the frets are created from black plastic cable ties. You may think this is odd - plastic frets (and they are in level with the wood too), but at a lap-steel, you never press down the strings to the board (the string height is very high, about 10 mm). Instead, a heavy metal piece, a slide-steel, is used to select the notes. The fret-lines are more for guidance.