5 A Power Regulator

This little project is a result of an other, larger build. During a very long time, a high-end tube amplifier has been built. And, still it is not finished. One step closer to the end of that build are these regulator boards that are used for the 6.3 V tube heaters. The design of the regulators are very simple and stright forward. They are basically a data sheet implementation of the LM317 design. To handle the maximum of 5 A, LM1084 are used instead. These are low drop regulators (LDO), making it possible to use a lower input voltage than usual.

Due to the design, this regulator is very generic. It could be used to create any adjustable or fixed output voltage that are possible by the regulators. The board includes all parts needed: rectifier diodes, filter capacitors, regulator IC and the parts that sets the output voltage. It is easy to hook up via the screw-in terminals.

The board itself is rather easy to make. It contains only large components, most of them are hole mounted. All files needed for the build are available below. Note that the board is double sided and the size is 69.4 x 79.0 mm (check that when printing the pdf). The filter capacitors in parallel with the rectifier diodes (C1 - C4) are SMD-types, mounted at the solder side. These are not mandatory but they improve the filtering of the raw DC before the regulator and should be used in audio equipment, specially if the unregulated DC output is used too. If You don't like to make the board yourself, then you can contact me and I will provide a bare PCB of the same type as shown in the pictures.

The mandatory pictures: